Massage Treatments

Embrace the height of relaxation and indulge in true muscular contentment. Realize the harmony of body and mind brought about through a variety of therapeutic options. Our registered therapists bring expertise to your mission to achieve good health and wholeness. Increase your mobility, decrease stress, delve into your body and relieve muscle tension on a whole new level. Let us take you away to a place where time stands still and immerse you in serenity and peace. Registered Massage Therapy (RMT) is available as an option for all treatments.

Relaxation Massage is performed by Spa Therapists.

If you require treatment with an RMT for receipt purposes for your insurance, or for treatment purposes, you must ask for Registered Massage Therapy at the time of booking and when booking online.

Add Swiss Shower to any treatment
Twelve powerful shower jets provide invigorating hydro-massage to every part of your body.


Classic Therapy

Thirty Minute RMT $ 80.00
Forty-Five Minute RMT $100.00
Sixty Minute RMT $120.00
Seventy-Five Minute RMT $140.00
Ninety Minute RMT $160.00


Thirty Minute Relaxation $ 75.00
Forty-Five Minute Relaxation $ 90.00
Sixty Minute Relaxation $110.00
Seventy-Five Minute Relaxation $130.00
Ninety Minute Relaxation $155.00

Hot Stone Treatment

Sixty Minute $130.00
Seventy-Five Minute $155.00
Ninety Minute $180.00

Couples Massage

Enjoy a relaxing sixty minutes together, a truly beautiful experience $240.00

Signature Massages


A thirty minute treatment that begins with a 10 minute Swiss Shower



A sixty minute treatment that begins with a 10 minute Swiss Shower