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Dermalogica is the number one choice of skincare consumers worldwide. Its sleek, streamlined packaging appeals to everyone and the products deliver great results made possible through education, innovation and professional recommendation.

Their knowledgeable application of high-end products successfully delivers the best results for all their customers. Their extensive line of products is geared to treat every condition and skin type. They also have a great sun care line with many formulations for all different skin types.

The most popular products in the line are the MediBac Clearing line, which is very effective for the treatment of acne, and all of their sun protection products, which are the best in the industry. The MediBac Clearing system works to treat, clear and prevent adult acne while addressing the needs of adult skin. While most acne treatment products are designed for teenage skin, they end up being too harsh and irritating for adult skin.

When overactive skin glands produce too much oil, it can give the skin a slick, greasy appearance. It’s this oil that traps skin cells that should have been shed, clogging follicles and hindering oxygen flow, which is essential for the skin. It’s in this environment that bacteria can flourish, and the skin’s natural defense system causes acne. Dermalogica has devoted their research to inhibiting the four main contributing factors to acne production, and have developed ingredients that are very effective in controlling breakouts.